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Portrate of Maxine Gadd

Maxine Gadd has been creating art since early childhood.

She uses many mediums both traditional and digital. 

Maxine Gadd Creations is where art and craft come together. For over 20 years, Maxine has been creating beautiful, unique artworks focusing on fantastical creatures. Maxine's art book "Fairies and Other Fantastical Folk" was a bestseller and sold over 45,000 copies. Now, Maxine is offering her beautiful artworks in the form of cross-stitch charts, diamond paintings, oracle cards, and a new range of products featured in RedBubble. Children's and Art books are available on Amazon Books.  

Faeries and fantastical folk book by maxine gadd
Maxine Gadd childrens books available at amazon

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Oracle Cards deck s by Maxine Gadd available atlueangel publications
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